What is Hacking?

Hacking is a process of identifying and exploiting a computer’s weaknesses through various connections and systems. Not to be confused with hacking a tree, hacking in the technology fields have gained notorious fame due to their connection with causing crime and disruption. Not only do hackers have the ability to get into your computer without your knowledge, but they can also steal explicit data, as well as trigger events that may cause to the user losing their own hard-earned fortune.

While hacking is divided into many branches, it is an important field to know of especially if you’re looking to improve the security system of a computer. This is vital when it comes to protecting business data and services as there have been known events where a hacker successfully managed to steal customer’s credit card information and reroute cash flow to a different private account.

However, not all hackers are bad. There are also ethical hacking which mainly focuses on finding the gaps or weaknesses in network systems and then producing a solution that can counter the problem in order to reduce the problem. Ethical hacking involves getting written permission of the original user’s device to be hacked into, report the weaknesses that have been identified in a transparent manner to the user, protect the data and privacy, and so on.

Even so, there are also hackers who are just looking to help in a way that can improve their development skills in cybersecurity. Applications such as hacking social media, WhatsApp hack, channel hacking and others, are one of the few examples of applications that can easily get the attention of users to try out their apps. But, even though there are good hackers out there, protect your devices by learning ways on how hackers can still get to you in ways you don’t know.

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