How to Care for Poodles

It usually starts with a sign stating puppy for sale Singapore pet stores has on their doors. For me, it started with coming across Adopt a dog Singapore from the website for Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD). ASD is an organization dedicated to volunteer and supporting dogs to give them a second life. After scrolling past a couple pages, one particular pooch stole my attention entirely. Among many dog breeds, the poodle Singapore fancies is often a crowd favorite. After intensive research on what separates caring for a poodle from normal dog breeds, I’ve summarized the methods of nurturing poodles in this article.

Firstly, poodles require diets that are rich in calcium and protein. An example of such diets would include chicken meals, lamb meals, poultry meals and meat by-product meals. It is important to keep the following foods away from poodle consumption: onions, garlic, fried foods, raw meat and dried food. Secondly, poodles require regular grooming. A strict grooming regimen is needed to maintain a poodle’s fur and coat from matting. Although grooming is recommended to be performed weekly at home, it is advised that professional grooming is acquired at least every six to eight weeks. Moreover, poodle owners should consider carrying out field events that involved tracking activities. Poodles, were originally bred in Germany to track, have excellent senses and levels of intelligence.

Tracking activities could potentially expand a poodle’s ability to identify and locate objects or people based on the tracklayer’s scent. In addition to this, tracking tasks keep poodles mentally and physically engaged as well as honing their agility. Lastly, it is crucial to bring poodles for vet checkups as there are diseases such as Addison’s and Cushing’s disease, that affect poodles relatively more than other dog breeds. Itchiness, abnormal bumps and dry skin of a poodle need to be attended to by a professional vet to prevent the development of health complications.

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