The eSport Debate

It has been an arguable topic surrounding eSports as to whether it is an actual sport that can benefit the global community or if it is causing more harm than good. An eSport is a type of competitive sport that includes various popular video games such as Overwatch, Dota 2, and the most popular choice in all eSport events, League of Legends, where millions of users anticipate the highlights of extraordinary performances live on various streaming websites, like Youtube and Twitch.

Similar to other live sports that you see on television, eSports has their own commentator analyzing and subtly predicting the next move of each professional player. Being able to take part in a large eSports competition could set a milestone for a player as it could be their highest rank achieved yet. But the question still stands, do popular eSport games actually benefit people? Unhealthy addiction is a strong argument within the debate, still, there are other factors such as online video games enhancing critical thinking skills which includes fast analyzing, problem-solving, and prediction in a short amount of time.

League of Legends has been around since 2009 and quickly rose to popularity due to its smooth game mechanics, regular bug patches, and an incredibly large community. The game has high levels of competition among players due to the game’s ELO rating system. Players who often have troubles increasing their ELO rank might go for services such as  Boosteria, a professional and high-quality ELO boosting service that has assisted League of Legends players with satisfying ELO boosting results. Even so, included in the eSport debate is the fact that players who use rank boosting services disrupt the entire category as a form of sport.

However, as the concept of competitive gaming has been around for many years, debate or not, the eSports community still enjoy watching their favorite game live on screen every time.

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